About inaccess

inAccess’ InSolar is an integrated, vendor independent solution for the centralized management of geographically distributed utility-scale solar plants. It offers accurate fault recognition and real time performance in order to guarantee smooth plant operation and maximize yields. It provides real-time secure collection and recording of statistical data as well as reporting to the operators’ desktops or mobile devices.

inAccess’ InSite enables telecom operators and broadcasters to manage remote sites' modern and legacy electromechanical systems through a common platform. InSite deployment results in significant operating costs reduction and increased network availability and reliability.

inAccess was established in 2000, with the vision to constantly reinvent, develop and deliver the most advanced infrastructure management systems. inAccess is headquartered in London, UK, with US operations in San Jose, California, regional offices in Italy, India and Japan and its R&D center in Athens, Greece.


Infrastructure Monitoring & Control, Renewables & Environment, Utilities, Telecommunications

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